Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kabali Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Kabali Telugu Movie Review, Rating

The next few days will be moving at snail pace and each day will be filled with excitement. The Boss is all set to arrive with a massive bang on 22nd July. 'Kabali' is Rajinikanth's upcoming gangster flick under Pa.Ranjith direction. Apart from .....READ MORE -->

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  1. What is sadly disappointing is that there is no ‘Rajini’ element in the movie. It is more of a Ranjith movie, rather than a Rajinikanth movie. A slow narration, lack of punch dialogues or the mass feeling sadly does not hold up the hype that was created. The director did of adjusting the script according to Rajinikanth’s stature and power. Even with many gangsters, there was not enough ‘evil’ in the movie. The director could’ve done better in choosing the right script and story for the Superstar. The story too is rather redundant and predictable. Not much of a surprise element awaits the audiences. You can see the complete Rajinikanth movie Kabali Review at