Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bengal Tiger Telugu Movie Review, Rating

Bengal Tiger Telugu Movie Review, Rating

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  1. As soon as the movie begins, you get to know that it’s brainless commercial film. It’s no different from the umpteen revenge movies made on the silver screen before. When Ravi flexes his muscle, goons fly up in the air. With fights, songs and comedy, the film’s first half is pretty average. Thanks to few laughs evoked by Prudhvi (Siddappa). But the second half is biggest dampener. As soon as the film progresses after interval, one gets to know where it’s heading to. The writer-director failed to unravel the mystery.
    Logics go missing. The film turns out to be senseless with CM Ashok Gajapathi sending goons to kill Akash publicly. Predictable story and lackluster screenplay are biggest stumbling blocks of the film. One don’t understand what impressed Ravi Teja in the script. Perhaps, a pay cheque. He didn’t learnt lessons even after a dud like Kick 2. On whole, Bengal Tiger is better to skip. You can check the movie review at